Ariel Money

Potential Integrations and Collaborations

At Ariel, we wish to have as many integrations and collaborations as possible in the Terra ecosystem to unlock the power of the ecosystem’s collective expertise. While we are exploring the ecosystem for collaborations, a few potential integrations could be:


Anchor Protocol provides ~19% APR on UST deposits. The UST deposited as collateral on Ariel could be used to earn yield. The collateral would be accumulating yield as long as the position is open for the user.


Mirror protocol is a decentralized platform built on Terra which issues synthetic real-world assets called mAssets. Integration with Mirror adds a whole new dimension to the perpetual contract trading with the ability to speculate on the mAssets such as mAAPL, mMSFT etc.


Ariel uses virtual AMM for price discovery. This vAMM model would be supercharged by Astroport. It is an automated decentralized exchange protocol built on the Terra blockchain. Astroport’s flexible pool types allow Ariel to have different algorithms for different asset pairs based on asset’s characteristics. This would improve efficiency for the traders.

White Whale

White Whale empowers everyone with whale-like arbitrage opportunities in the Terra ecosystem. Arbitrageurs play a very important role in price discovery. If a contract’s price on Ariel is way off the spot price, arbitrageurs can benefit from different strategies bringing the contract price close to the spot price along the way. Collaboration with White Whale could allow people to use their arbitrage bots to automate the process and generate high yields.


Liquidations of undercollateralized positions are a very important part of the Ariel platform as it keeps the protocol secure. Participating in liquidations can get you assets at discounted rates and Kujira allows retail users to participate in the process and benefit from it. Integration with Kujira could make the liquidations efficient and safe for the Ariel Protocol.