Ariel Money

What is Ariel Protocol

Ariel is a decentralized protocol that offers perpetual contract trading. People would be able to take a leveraged long or short position while being fully in control of their own funds. Positions would be automatically balanced by the dynamic funding rate. Ariel Protocol uses the Virtual Automated Market Makers (vAMM) model to facilitate price discovery.
We see a future where Defi matures as a tool for everyone to use in their everyday lives. Having Perpetual instruments is critical to facilitate this kind of global adoption. While we have pretty innovative developments in the overall DeFi ecosystem, it surely lacks robust derivative platforms.
Benefits for the traders with Ariel:
1. Speculate on the direction of an assets’ movement for a long period of time.
2. Traditional Forex/Futures market is closed on Weekends. The cryptocurrency market is open 24x7 and allows all-time trading.
3. Ariel provides traders with a gateway to cryptos, forex, synthetic assets, and various complex financial instruments
4. Traders don’t have to deal with multiple contracts with different settlement dates.
Last modified 1yr ago